State-Of-The-Art Culinary Education with a Global Attitude

img FCM Video Univ CCA FSM 09 170x150You can go all across the globe to get educated during your time in JWU’s culinary program. Watch a video of University Dean of Culinary Education, Karl Guggenmos, discuss the global opportunities available to you at JWU.

We work with numerous International partners, offer four world class study abroad programs, provide international scholarships and exchange programs to ensure an education with a global attitude.

Disa Saugstad ’07 had this to say about the state-of-the-art wine sommelier program in Germany:
“The Germany Study Abroad Program was honestly the best four weeks of my life. To go with such good friends and to leave with even more couldn’t have been better. I learned so much from the instructors, the material and the tours. It brought everything I was ever taught about wine into perspective. To understand the soil, the effort, the methods, and the history of wine-making firsthand is an experience no one can take away from you. You listen to instructors about it but never really understand the possibilities or the excitement until you reach the destination. From Day One you are immersed into the culture, the learning and the fun.”