For Student Entrepreneur, Business is Sweet

img FCM Bus SGoldstein CLT 170x150She has yet to graduate, but this entrepreneur is well on her way to a successful career, thanks to her College of Business studies and a love of yogurt. Senior Stephanie Goldstein and her family started Tasty Yo, a yogurt shop that serves all-natural, nonfat yogurt. Their product boasts live active cultures and probiotics, and is friendly to the lactose intolerant. They opened their first store in the heart of NoDa, on North Davidson Street, in July and recently signed a lease for a second store in South Charlotte.

Goldstein says the shop uses local produce from the farmers market, plays music from area bands, displays artwork from local artists and is green on all fronts. Cutlery is 100 percent biodegradable, the yogurt cups are recyclable and the paint is eco-friendly — even the welcome mat is recyclable.

“Opening my first business has been … challenging, but very rewarding,” Goldstein says. “My studies at JWU have made me extremely driven and aware of what is truly needed to run a successful business.”