Access Control

Through this new building security initiative, entry to all campus buildings has been switched over to a card swipe system. This system gives us greater control over building security.

Residence halls, classroom and administrative buildings (including JWU libraries, computer labs and dining centers) have been switched over to this system.

Common Questions

Will I always need my card to get into my residence hall? Yes. As a resident, your JWU ID is the only way you will be able to gain entry to your residence hall. Your card will be valid 24-7 (except during the break when all buildings are shut down). To gain access, wave your card near the card reader, located at the main entrance. The door will release momentarily (for 5 seconds), and then re-secure.

Entry to residence halls is restricted to residents of that particular hall; you will also be required to show your ID to the front desk staff person.

If I have a visitor coming to my residence hall, how will they get in? A resident is still required to sign in their guest with the front desk staff person. (See the Student Handbook for the complete Guest/Visitor Policy.)

You and your visitor should either arrange a time to meet at the front entrance of the building so you can let them in or they should call you as they arrive outside the building. You can then go down to let them in.

What if I lose my JWU ID? Report the lost card immediately to Safety & Security, 305-892-7011. You will be charged $15 for a replacement card.

If you lose your card during regular office hours (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm), report directly to SFS/Student Account Window, located in the University Center 1st floor.

In the event that you lose your ID card after hours or on the weekend, report directly to Safety and Security. Your lost card will be deactivated; you will then be issued an ID card. During regular business hours, you must update your Dining Services information at the SFS/Student Account Windows.

How long will it take to program my new card? Typically, a newly issued ID works within one hour of issue.

Why can't holes be punched in the cards? The entire card is actually a circuit board. If you punch a hole in it, you break the circuit. For your convenience, the new cards being ordered come with a pre-punched hole.

Will my card still work if I accidentally wash it? As long as there is no damage to the card’s protective casing, it should continue to work. However, we cannot guarantee that it'll work if it accidentally goes through the dryer.

What if I’m having trouble with my card, or have questions? If your card is not working, immediately contact Safety & Security at 305-892-7604. For more information, please contact us.