Certificate in Criminal Justice

The Certificate in Criminal Justice offers students an opportunity to explore this area of study or to build on existing skills and education in the criminal justice career field. The courses survey the major components of American criminal justice including law enforcement, the court system and corrections.

Opportunities in these fields are expanding in response to heightened national security and increased focus on corporate accountability. The Criminal Justice certificate program can benefit established professionals who may already have a degree but want to enhance their understanding of criminal justice systems and issues, as well as students interested in learning some basic principles of the field.

Completers of the certificate program will have enhanced knowledge and skills in the practices and components of the criminal justice system. All credits successfully earned in the certificate program can be applied towards a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.

Course number Course name Credits
CJS1002 Introduction to Criminal Justice 4.5
CJS1070 Criminal Courts 4.5
CJS1090 Law Enforcement 4.5
CJS2050 Criminology 4.5
SOC2001 Sociology I 4.5
Total credits 22.5

NOTE: Students who enroll in this certificate program are ineligible for financial aid. Contact Financial Planning for options.