Transfer Policies & Articulation Agreements

More than 1,000 students universitywide choose to transfer to JWU from other colleges and universities each year. 

Transfer students may enroll in September, December or March.

Transfer Policies
JWU’s transfer policy is intended to help each incoming student transfer the maximum number of applicable credits, minimizing course repetition and ensuring appropriate academic placement. 

For a course to be transferable it must be worth at least 3.0 semester or 4.0 quarter credits and the student must have earned a grade of “C” or better (with a numeric value of 2.0).  

Previously taken courses are evaluated based on the comparison of course descriptions and/or syllabus, in conjunction with requirements in the student’s chosen JWU program.

To help you transfer seamlessly to campus, JWU has a number of articulation agreements and transfer credit equivalencies in place.

Transfer credit is evaluated by Student Academic Services, though unofficial evaluations can be performed by an admissions officer on a case-by-case basis.

How to Apply
Follow the procedure outlined in the application that best applies to you: undergraduate, international undergraduate or graduate.

Questions about the Process
Our Transfer FAQ answers many commonly-asked questions about transferring.

If you’re ready to see the campus for yourself, we offer a variety of visitor events to help you get acquainted with our academics, vibrant student life and the surrounding city.

For further assistance please contact Justin Mercier.