Baking & Pastry Arts

img Culinary Baking CLT 170x150In our two-year Baking & Pastry Arts associate degree program, you'll be introduced to the techniques of producing classical French pastries, artisan breads, tortes, wedding cakes, plated desserts, and showpieces. Throughout the program, you'll develop professionalism and proficiency in cost control, sanitation and food marketing.

You’ll receive your own pastry tool kit, and study from two proprietary JWU pastry textbooks. You’ll also take pastry-specific arts and sciences classes that provide the critical thinking skills necessary to career success and apply all of these learned skills through a term of real work experience.

With your AS degree you’ll be positioned with connections to some of the world’s best hotels, clubs and resorts, high-volume production bakeries, independent bakeries, restaurants, contract bakeries and wholesale pastry shops.

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Revised, Redesigned JWU Textbook Wins First Place Award

The push to remove artificial trans fats from the College of Culinary Arts’ curricula led to the reformulation of every recipe in its award-winning textbook, Baking & Pastry Fundamentals.  read more