Interview Skills

JWU Student Ready for an InterviewBecause we bring employers on campus, you’ll have a number of opportunities to interview with top companies at career fairs, networking events and on campus interviews.

We provide you with the resources to communicate your strengths, highlight your experience and make the best impression when interviewing with a potential employer.

Make an appointment to start taking advantage of our interview resources.

On-Campus Interviews
Where else can you interview with top companies right on campus? JWU’s unique relationship with industry leaders lets us host interviews at the Denver Campus every year. Sign up for an on-campus interview.

Mock Interviews
Practice for the real thing with a career expert, and you'll be prepared JWU when you interview with an employer. Schedule a mock interview.

Interview Skills Workshops
Get advice from our career experts and perfect your interview skills at one of a variety of workshops.

Interview Guide (2MB PDF)