Programs for High School Juniors

JWU has a number of programs to help you get started on your college preparation — and give you a head start on earning college credit.

JWU Admissions Career Exploration Program CLTCareer Explorations
The summer before your junior or senior year, our Career Explorations program lets you spend time at JWU trying a career on for size. Start exploring now.

Early Enrollment
Become a full-time college student during your senior year of high school through JWU's Early Enrollment Program (EEP).

As an EEP student, you’ll graduate a year earlier than your peers and get a jump-start on your career. Your tuition cost for the first year will be half the regular JWU tuition — and you’ll still be eligible for JWU scholarships.

Learn more in our EEP brochure (596K PDF). To apply, complete the EEP application (200K PDF) during your junior year. For more information, email Karyn Johnson, the Charlotte Campus' EEP representative.

Freshman Advanced Study Track
If you’re planning to pursue the culinary arts, our Freshman Advanced Study Track (FAST) lets you earn 9 quarter-credit hours toward your culinary arts associate degree while still in high school. Certain prerequisites apply. Apply now.

Build Your Transcripts

JWU is looking for well-rounded students. If you’ve achieved success in and out of the classroom, make sure your transcripts reflect this. JWU awards scholarships based on academic achievement, participation in clubs and organizations and work experience. To ensure maximum scholarship opportunities, your high school transcripts must be forwarded to the university as soon as possible. Learn more about the application and transfer process.

Visit the Charlotte Campus
There’s nothing like a visit to get a feel for JWU. Whether you have a few hours or a few days, we offer a variety of admissions events so you can see for yourself what it’s like to live and learn here. Get acquainted with all our campus has to offer during a daily tour, preview event or one of our weekend visitor programs.