Professional Development & Training

Looking to sharpen your skills, get inspired by new ideas and network with other educators? JWU offers a variety of immersive professional development and training sessions throughout the year. Upon successful completion of a program, all participants receive credit for professional development hours.

We also offers master's and doctoral programs through our Graduate School at the Providence Campus.

Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education (CAFÉ)
As a global partner of CAFÉ, JWU invites educators, especially those teaching culinary and baking and pastry arts, to visit In addition to the website, CAFÉ offers a wide range of resources to food service educators, including workshops and conferences and an online magazine.

Culinary Arts Summer Educator Programs
Our immersive culinary arts summer educator programs are designed for food service educators who want to improve their knowledge and teaching skills. Choose from the following tracks:

Certified Culinary Essentials Educator (CCEE) Program Increase your knowledge of the principles and techniques of teaching culinary arts in a secondary and post-secondary environment.

Emphasis is on developing lesson plans, best practices of instructional methods, tools and skills of instruction, and organizing instructional and supplementary materials. A take-home final exam and outside classroom project are optional course requirements for those desiring CCEE certification.

Wellness and Sustainability: “Farm to Table” This 7-day program covers trends in wellness, organic foods, foods of the world and sustainability, using a combination of classroom/lab lectures, demonstrations, tasting, production and field trips to local vendors.

Ways to Win: Competition Readiness Designed for educators of all skill levels, this week-long interactive program focuses on ways to educate high school students on how to compete at all levels of culinary competitions.