Education Career Success Stories

Johnson & Wales University alumni are changing students' lives as teachers and educational leaders. You can join them. Take your teaching career to the next level with our graduate degrees in education.

Teaching Soldiers Strategies for Peace
Naval officer Jason Phillips is a teacher, but his students aren't typical.

They've experienced war and violence that cost them family and friends.

Jason was finishing his dissertation when he got orders for a tour of duty in Afghanistan.
Jason's education career in Afghanistan

Fulbright Scholar Studied Education Best Practices in Japan
Emmanuel Vincent ’09 EdD, founder, Pink Grape Consulting

College President Learned How to Impact Education at JWU
Thomas McGovern '01 EdD, president, Fisher College 

Army Colonel’s Award-Winning Dissertation on Honor
Col. Thomas Gibbons '07 EdD, army advisor, Naval War College

Karin Edwards '05 EdD, chief student affairs officer, Three Rivers Community College

Lawrence Filippelli ’03 EdD, assistant principal, Scituate Middle & High School

Improving Education with Barack Obama

Since her days at JWU, Assistant Secretary of Education Brenda Dann-Messier has worked to improve access to education.  read more

Student, Alumni & Faculty Accolades

From our graduates’ promotions at Yale and Regis to our own Dr. Gable's “Best Original Research Award,” learn how our students, alumni and professors are leading the education field. read more