Completing the Master Promissory Note for Federal Direct Loans

More than 95% of JWU students who apply for aid are eligible for some form of a Federal Direct Loan, which is one of the lowest cost ways to pay for school and is administered by the federal government.

Before these funds can be processed, you must complete a master promissory note (MPN), a binding legal document that lists the conditions under which you are borrowing and the terms under which you agree to pay back the loan.

We strongly recommend that you complete an MPN now. You may decline any loan that is offered to you and incur no loan repayment obligation.

If not completed, the university will not be able to receive or process Federal Direct Loan funds to your account, resulting in a hold that could prevent you from beginning or adding/dropping classes.

How to complete a new MPN:

  • Sign in to the MPN site, then select Complete Master Promissory Note, then Subsidized/Unsubsidized
  • Be ready with your social security and driver’s license numbers, as well as two separate adult references (including complete US addresses and phone numbers in the 111-222-3333 format)
  • For school state, select Rhode Island (even if your campus is not Providence), then select Johnson & Wales University
  • Read each section (C-G); click the confirmation box as you complete each section
  • When prompted, enter your name and sign
  • Wait for signature authentication
  • Review the HTML version of the MPN when it opens in a new window 
  • In the original window, select Continue in order to complete your new MPN
  • Save/print an HTML or PDF copy