Your 4-Year Career Plan

Career Skills

Use this checklist to tap into the career resources available to you at JWU.

You'll find internships, career fairs and networking opportunities with top employers to individual advising, resume workshops and practice interviews.

There’s a lot to do, but we’re here to help you make the most of these resources.

To get started your freshman year, make an appointment.

Freshmen Year: How Do I Begin? 

Explore Options Explore your interests, set your career goals and research career paths in your industry.
Internships Get a head start. Look for a part-time job or internship in our job listings and register.
Interview Skills Prepare for upcoming summer job interviews; sit with a friend and practice with interview questions.
Your Resume Attend a Basic Resume Workshop and start building your resume.
Career Events Build career skills at our workshops and career events.
Find a Job Start building your professional wardrobe for career fairs and interviews.
Network Talk to our faculty, career experts and alumni about possible careers.

Sophomore Year: Where Do I Want to Go? 

Explore Options Meet with a career expert.
Internships If you want to do an internship in the next two terms, meet with a career expert.
Interview Skills Perfect your interview skills; schedule a one-on-one mock interview.
Your Resume Schedule a one-on-one resume critique.
Career Events Perfect your resume, interview skills and business etiquette at our career workshops.
Find a Job Find a summer job that relates to your major in our job listings.
Network Get involved with our professional student organizations.

Junior Year: How Do I Get There? 

Explore Options Walk in any time for quick career advice.
Internships If you want to do an internship in the next two terms, meet with a career expert.
Interview Skills Use our interview tips to make the best impression.
Your Resume Meet with a career expert to capture your experiences (internships, jobs, community service, etc.) in your resume.
Career Events Meet company reps at boutique career fairs targeted to your major.
Find a Job Get your career search in gear and register for our Capstone career management course.
Network Build your network through faculty, professional student organizations and internships.

Senior Year: How Do I Make it Happen? 

Explore Options Along with on-campus opportunities, work with us to find off-campus career fairs and informational interviews.
Internships If you want to do an internship this year, meet with a career expert.
Interview Skills Contact us to get involved in on-campus interviews with top hiring companies.
Your Resume Attend an Advanced Resume Workshop and make sure you customize your resume for each job application.
Career Events Don't pass up a single opportunity. Attend anything relevant to your major and industry, from industry panels to career fairs.
Find a Job With over 12,000 jobs posted just for JWU students, make sure you're applying for positions in our job listings.
Network You’ll meet company reps at career fairs, so do your research. Review company profiles and websites and create a target list of companies to talk to.

Remember, a job search is a job in itself, so take some time each day to make new contacts, research companies, customize your resume and complete applications. Don’t forget, follow-up is key.