Internship Advisors

Faculty internship advisors work with a JWU student during his or her internship, guiding, grading, and supporting their student advisees as they gain hands-on experience in their industry.

If you are a faculty member, review these frequently asked questions:
Can I advise more than one student? Yes.

How do I know if I am eligible to be a faculty internship advisor?
All JWU faculty members are eligible (unless notified to the contrary by the relevant chair or dean at the time of application).

What are my responsibilities as a 4000 level faculty internship advisor?

  • Internship Advising Prior to Term
    Two-three months before the internship, you are responsible for meeting with the student to affirm his or her site selection and discuss the expectations of the academic assignment. It's important to work cooperatively with the coordinator throughout the process.
  • On-going Internship Assignment Academic Advising
    The internship academic assignments include multiple checkpoints and grading opportunities throughout the 11-week term. Some academic programs also include projects or presentations that require student advising throughout the term. Your role includes providing students with an overview of the assignment, grading the assignment, and serving as an academic resource for students during the internship experience.
  • Internship Academic Assignment
    Students are required to use the uLearn platform during the internship to submit assignments. Students will submit the internship assignments to you via file exchange or email within that group in uLearn. On an on-going basis, you will grade the assignments/project using the provided grading rubric and then upload the student’s submitted assignment with comments and the grade.  
  • Debrief with Student
    By the end of the term or in the beginning of the following term, you should debrief with the student (via phone or in person). This step allows the student to learn from your feedback. 

What type of academic assignments should students do for their internship?
Each internship course has a specific internship academic assignment that has been designed in coordination with the particular college and academic program and Experiential Education & Career Services (EE&CS). All assignments include a critical reflection component.

What should I do if my advisee is having trouble on site?
Your perspective and information about the situation is helpful, and can serve as a valuable part in working towards a solution for the student and site. Your responsibilities do not include troubleshooting and problem solving student-site issues.

You should absolutely instruct the student to contact his or her experiential education coordinator. You should also inform the coordinator as soon as possible as well. Ultimately, the coordinator will work through appropriate means to resolve the situation with the student and employer.

When do I receive my stipend for internship advising?
Payment will occur in or around Week 15, based on payroll schedules.

To learn more about working with a student intern, contact us.