Other Courses

Online, Hybrid and Self-Paced Courses
While certain courses may not require regular in-class attendance, you are expected to meet stated due dates and/or meeting requirements as provided by the faculty member at the beginning of each course. You confirm enrollment by meeting the first stated assignment.

In any self-paced or hybrid course, if you miss three assignment due dates, three scheduled meetings with the course instructor, or any combination of the two, these absences may be considered excessive and may negatively impact your grade in the class.

Community Service-Learning Course (CSL1001)
This course may not require specific in-class attendance, as your are expected to perform hours of service at a local community-based organization. If you are completing CSL1001 as part of your internship, you are expected to abide by the schedule as outlined during internship orientation. 

If you miss the initial information session on campus and the on-site orientation meeting (first scheduled meeting at the community-based organization), you may be considered not enrolled for the course and withdrawn without academic penalty.