The attendance policy for culinary/baking & pastry arts laboratories requires maximum participation. The administration and faculty mandate that you attend every class to maximize your educational opportunities.

These labs are hands-on, skill-oriented learning experiences and require consistent student presence in the classroom. The daily exercises in each laboratory include exposure to foods, equipment and procedures that are unique and not repeated. 

All absences, regardless of reason, are recorded and may affect your overall evaluation. Excessive absences are defined as “in excess of one absence” and will result in withdrawal from the laboratory segment by the instructor.

Any tardiness beyond 30 minutes for laboratory classes will be considered excessive and may result in punitive action taken by the course instructor. If a second tardiness occurs, class entrance will be determined at the discretion of the course instructor.

For the purposes of financial aid and verification of enrollment, you must be in attendance by the second meeting of the lab segment. If you are enrolled solely in laboratory segments and not in the laboratory class by the second day, you will be officially withdrawn from the university.

When appropriate you may be issued a tuition adjustment in accordance with the tuition & fees credit policy. Students who are not in attendance by the second class meeting of their first scheduled lab segment will not be withdrawn from the university if they are also enrolled in at least one academic course that meets for the full term. However, they will receive full charges for the culinary/pastry segments not attended unless a Leave of Absence is approved.

The university's leave of absence policy intended for students with an extreme, short-term, personal problem (death in the family, short-term illness, etc.) that prevents you from entering a scheduled culinary/pastry laboratory course segment within a term and subsequently result in being withdrawn from the university.

Food Service Laboratory Courses Attendance policies for certain food service laboratory courses (FSM4060 Hospitality Operations Management, FSM4061 Advanced Food Service Operations Management) are more demanding than the policies for other courses. These will be outlined during orientation and found on the course syllabus.