Portfolio Manager Credits JWU Internships with his Career Success

"My experiences at JWU enabled me to succeed at my current job," says Brian Atwood ’04. "I first did an internship at Taco, an international manufacturing company based in Providence, where I worked on a project to submit for a quality and productivity award with the U.S. government.

"That launched my interest in quality and productivity, which set the stage for me to work at Textron in London, as part of a JWU work abroad program. That experience allowed me to land a job with Bank of America, which is also very focused on quality and productivity."

Brian, who is a portfolio manager, says his hands-on experience was essential. "Johnson & Wales put me in valuable, real life situations," he explains. "It helped me package myself to an employer, and understand what I was looking for in a company — and, once I got on the job, how to articulate what I was trying to do in a clear fashion that really made me stand out among my peers.”