CBS Intern Thrives in Newsroom

“Be ready for anything,” says JWU student Miriam as she sprints from the sports editing to the studio and back again. It’s the biggest lesson she's learned at CBS affiliate WFOR-TV. “You never know what your day is going to be like.”

Meet CBS Intern Miriam Baptista, Marketing major, from Rhode Island

Thriving in High Stress, Deadline-Driven Newsroom
“You have your routines. Then you have your crazy things that come out of the blue,” Miriam explains. A “typical day” doesn’t exist.

“This week, I spent an hour with Jason from the sports department as he cut and edit a piece for the 5pm newscast.” She’s even done field work and shoots with reporter Nicole Maristany for a weekly “Neighbors 4 Neighbors” segment.

My First Time On Camera
“My first time on camera was a little challenging, but it was a lot of fun."

"My supervisor asked if I’d do a ‘man on the street’ for the 5 o’clock news. I learned people either talk-talk-talk, or they clam up. It takes a long time to get even a few sentences that can be used on air.”

“I’ve learned a lot. I watch the news in a completely different way now!”

Unlocking a News Career
“A year from now, I want to get my master’s, and I hope to have a career in journalism or reporting, maybe for a local TV station.”

“My dad’s cousin is a well-known investigative journalist. The awards on his walls fascinated me. I used to play at being a news anchor,” she laughs. “Now my career is taking that turn! It’s funny how things happen.”

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My Top 5: Why I Chose JWU

JWU intern Miriam Baptista '10 in the CBS4 newsroom1. Family Campus "At the North Miami campus, we’re like a big family. I like the fact that our campus is smaller,” Miriam says. That helps with faculty, too.

“You’re not just a needle in a haystack. Your professors know what you’re trying to accomplish, and they help you.”

2. Faculty Mentors International business professor Leilani Baumanis encouraged Baptista to go after her childhood dream: becoming a journalist.

“Her famous quote is, ‘I’ll help you open the door, but you’re in charge of walking though and finding your path.’ That really helped me get this internship, which is a huge step towards my career.”

3. Becoming a LeaderMiriam felt homesick when she first arrived at JWU, but a major turning point was Professor Michael Moskwa’s Foundations of Leadership class.

“It was so self-revealing. I got to see what my strengths and weaknesses were. Writing our final paper, I had to sit there and face them.”

4. Getting Creative Miriam didn’t always have her sights set on news. She planned to become a teacher — until a chance meeting with JWU students at a DECA conference inspired her to go to JWU. “I wanted to learn more about the creative side of business and marketing,” she says.

5. Sunny Miami Weather “We’d just gotten out of a really bad winter at home in Rhode Island. I saw the pictures of palm trees at JWU, and took it as a sign. Two months later, I was on my way!”