Risk Management

Build the skills to protect organizations at an advanced level with our Bachelor of Science degree in Risk Management.

You’’ll build the management and critical thinking skills to develop new strategies to combat global terrorism, track fraud and catch black-hat hackers and white collar criminals.

In our targeted curriculum and electives, use hands-on applications and case studies to learn about network security, fraud examination and ethics in business.

Gain real world experience in risk analysis and loss prevention, and build your knowledge in criminal and constitutional law, criminology and investigations. 

Prepare for a variety of careers with local and federal governments, private companies and nonprofit organizations, protecting our national interests and homeland security, preventing retail loss and Medicare fraud and ensuring business continuity.

The security consulting field, which the U.S. Department of Labor predicts will be among the fastest growing and highest paying in the next decade, offers vast opportunities to assess security needs and protect against theft or vandalism, natural disasters or terrorist acts.

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