Starbucks at Harborside Campus

JWU Dining Starbucks HarborsideThe Starbucks at JWU’s Harborside Academic Center (HAC) is an inspiring spot to work on projects, get a quick coffee before class or have lunch with friends.

Vintage artifacts from JWU’s culinary museum line the walls. Students can curl up in cozy leather chairs with a book or enjoy the fall afternoons with a latte on the patio.

JWU owns and operates the Starbucks, providing students with a great opportunity to get some hands-on work experience. Manager Cate Dupree sees the impact Starbucks makes on JWU students.

“It’s a good partnership," Cate says. “JWU students have an appreciation for high standards and high quality. And that’s what Starbucks is about, too.”

Cate herself is a Continuing Education student, pursuing her degree in Criminal Justice. As she points out, JWU students from all academic programs are blending frappuccinos.

JWU Dining Starbucks HarborsideJake Hyland '13, a Graphic Design major in the School of Technology, works behind the counter. “Starbucks is a great industry to be a part of,” he says. “It’s a good opportunity for any JWU student, because it’s great customer training.”

It’s also a great way to get involved on campus, Jake adds. "Everyone goes to Starbucks.” He says he plans to spend plenty of time there as a customer, doing design work on his laptop.

For student looking to join him, Jake recommends the chai frappuccino. “I know chai is not for everyone,” he says. “But it’s really good.”