Web Registration FAQs

Taking time to plan your registration will help you save time and meet your goal of graduation. Utilize your GPS degree audit, planner and course projections to plan which classes you will register each term.

How many credits can I register each term? Undergraduate students may register up to 21.0 credits each term. Graduate students may register up to 9.0 credits each term.

How many credits do I need to register each term to be considered full-time? Undergraduate students need at least 12.0 credits. Graduate students need at least 9.0 credits.

Can I register if I have holds? No. Holds - placed when students are not in compliance with payment deadlines, term start requirements or university policy - will prevent you from being able to add or drop classes. To review your holds, under the Registration & Grades tab, go to Academic Records and Transcript, select View holds.

How do I search for courses? You search for courses individually. When searching, select the course’s subject and enter its number; be sure to select the correct campus.

What is a CRN and why do I need it? To add a course to your schedule, you need its CRN (Course Reference Number). After doing a course search, be sure to note its CRN. You’ll need it later.

Note: Multiple sections and times of the same course may be offered; a unique CRN is assigned to each section of a course.

Do I need to review each CRN before I can register it – even if there is more than one CRN for the same course? Yes. Most courses have prerequisites, special instructions or restrictions. And different CRNS for the same course may have different restrictions (for example, a certain college or major). After doing your search, click each CRN link that interests you. Then, click on the course title to review full details.

What is a corequisite? It is a CRN that you must register at the same time with another attached CRN. For example, baking or culinary labs have corequisites. Be sure to review a CRN’s special instructions (after conducting a course search, click on the CRN link of a desired course).

How do I search for electives? When selecting an elective, you must register the appropriate type of elective as described on your GPS degree audit. Before registering an elective course, you must first satisfy its prerequisites and restrictions. If a course is required anywhere in your program of study, it cannot be used as an elective. Your GPS degree audit will detail any exceptions when specific courses may not satisfy an elective requirement.

  • When conducting a course search, for Subject, select the first subject; scroll to the bottom of the list; while holding the Shift key, select the last subject (all subjects are selected).
  • Then, select your Campus and in Attribute Type select the attribute code for the appropriate type of elective (see your degree audit if unsure).

How do I register my CRNs and add/drop classes to/from my schedule? To register classes (on or after your registration start date), use the “Add or drop CRNs” link on the Registration & Grades tab. Be sure to select the correct term, enter your CRNs into the worksheet boxes and click submit. If making a change and dropping a course, select the “web drop” option from the corresponding CRN and submit.

How late can I add/drop classes or make changes to my schedule? You may add or drop an academic course prior to its second class meeting; all culinary/pastry lab segments (even those starting later in the term) that are not dropped by Wednesday of the first week of the term will receive full charges unless a Leave of Absence is approved. For online courses, students may add by the first Saturday or drop by the second Saturday of the term.

Note: add/drop is turned off shortly after a term starts. If you are still within add/drop guidelines but cannot add/drop a course in jwuLink, you must visit Student Academic Services to make changes.

Can I withdraw or drop a course during the term? After the add/drop period has ended, it is possible to withdraw from a course before the course’s withdrawal deadline. If you withdraw from a course, you will be issued a grade of WP, WF, or W by the instructor in order to record attempted credits. We encourage you to consult your course instructor and utilize available university resources, such as tutoring or study skills assistance, prior to withdrawing from a course. Dropping a course could seriously impact or delay your graduation requirements or future course registration. 

What happens if a CRN I want is closed? There are a limited number of seats available in each CRN. At some point, you will not be able to register for a CRN because it is full. Have several backup and alternate choices available to register.

If available, add yourself to a CRN’s wait list. (Note: not all courses have a waitlist option.) If you add to a CRN’s waitlist, be sure to register for a backup course because a spot may never become available. If a seat opens, you will be notified (check your email daily); you will have 24 hours to add the course to your schedule.

How can I add myself to a waitlist? Follow the normal process to add a course. On the confirmation page, in the action dropdown next to the course, select "Waitlisted" and submit.

Note: waitlists are deleted approximately 2 weeks before the term starts (you will receive an email notice when this occurs).