GPS Degree Audit FAQs

Your major requirements are detailed in the Catalog, but they are tracked electronically via your degree audit. Review your audit carefully to review course and elective requirements that you need to complete for your major.

How do I access my degree audit? In jwuLink, click the Grad Planning System | GPS link (accessible via the Academic tab or Registration & Grades tab). Must: allow pop-up windows to open. Your audit is the default selection.

What does a degree audit do? It tracks the completion of your major requirements and allows you to plan accordingly for the remainder of your requirements so that you graduate on-time. A legend tracks your requirements as complete, not complete, complete except for class in-progress, or nearly complete.

Is it important to review my audit before AND after I register? Yes. You want to double-check you are registering for the correct courses. It lets you know, too, if you register for a class that you do not need; they fall into the “Insufficient” section at the bottom of your audit.

Will my audit update if I make a change to my registration or program (major, concentration, etc.)? Not always. Be sure to hit the Process New button.

Can I graduate if I have outstanding requirements showing on my audit? No. The university reviews your audit to confirm you have satisfied all degree requirements and can be awarded your diploma. Any outstanding requirement will delay graduation.

Can I view my audit in different formats? Yes, your audit can be viewed in three formats. Use each format or the one you like best. To change audit views, select an option from the format dropdown and then select the View button.

  • Student View (default format) lists courses that are unused (do not apply to your major), insufficient (do not meet credit or grade requirements, such as failures or withdrawals), in-progress (registered).
  • Graduation Checklist is a condensed, quicker but less-detailed view of your requirements.
  • Registration Checklist displays the courses and area requirements you still need to register.

What is the What-If tab? Use this feature if you are considering a major change. It will show which of your completed/registered courses will apply to the new major. Also, use this feature if you have outlined what future courses you plan to register to finish your degree. It will let you know if you forgot to plan for any additional courses.

What is the Look Ahead tab? Use this feature if you have outlined what future courses you plan to register to finish your degree. It will let you know if you need to plan any additional courses.