GPS Planner FAQs

Staying on-track and maintaining your graduation date is important, especially to help avoid incurring unnecessary financial debt. Not planning appropriately or withdrawing from any course (especially one that is a prerequisite requirement) could result in extra time at the university, which results in additional charges and payments, and potentially more student loans that you need to repay.

What is a planner? It is an educational guide, based on course offerings and prerequisites, that recommends when and in what order to register courses. Use your planner in conjunction with your audit to ensure you plan and register your requirements to meet your graduation goals. Not having a proper plan could delay your graduation date.

How can I access my planner? In jwuLink, click the Grad Planning System | GPS link (accessible via the Academic tab or Registration & Grades tab). Must: allow pop-up windows to open. Your audit is the default selection. Because audit is the default selection > select Planner. Note: not all programs have pre-built planners.

Do I have to register courses exactly in the order my planner outlines? No. You can move some courses around and customize your plan, but keep in mind that not all courses run each term and some courses have prerequisites or other restrictions.

What is a prerequisite? What are restrictions? A prerequisite is a course or requirement that you must successfully complete prior to registering a class (example, ECON1001 Macroeconomics must be completed before ECON2002 Microeconomics). Restrictions may include class requirements (e.g. some courses may require senior class status, etc.).

How can I see a course’s prerequisites and description? When viewing your audit (Student View), click on a course subject and number (right column of your audit).

What should I do if I can't register a class according to what my planner tells me? Check the course projections to see which term the course will be offered next. If it will be offered again, update your planner to take it a different term. Make sure to double-check to see if there are any prerequisite requirements on the course. If the course is offered only during that term and you need it to maintain your progress towards graduating on time, visit or contact Student Academic Services.

Can I view my planner in different formats? Yes, your audit can be viewed in three formats. To change planner views, select an option from the format dropdown and then select the View button.

  • Notes Mode (default format) displays your requirements in the left pane while showing in the right pane a recommendation of what courses to register each term, including any special notes.
  • Calendar Mode is similar except that it will show terms horizontally for a year (rather than listing all terms underneath each other); also, no special notes are included.
  • Planned vs. Taken Mode will compare each planned term to what credits you have completed or registered, letting you know what your remaining requirements are so that you can create a new plan for them.

How can I update my planner? If you decide to customize your planner, we encourage you to meet with an academic counselor in Student Academic Services to verify your plan.

  • Select Notes Mode.
  • Move a course from one term to another term by cutting and pasting courses, or deleting and retyping text (must match exactly).
  • If you have no active plan, drag requirements from the left audit pane to the desired term in the right pane for your plan.
  • To save and activate your plan, highlight your new plan and then select Load.

What is the Notes tab? Occasionally, if you meet with a faculty advisor or academic counselor, they may place a note here to remind you what was discussed about your graduation requirements.

What is the GPA Calc tab? Use the Graduation Calculator to determine how you need to perform to reach your desired GPA upon graduating. Use the Term Calculator to set specific goals for the registered classes in your current term, or to estimate your GPA based on what grades you will earn.

How do I know which term or terms each course is offered during the year? Review course projections (22K PDF).