Graduation Planning

Our Grad Planning System (GPS) helps you

  • Track program requirements with your degree audit.
  • Manage registration with your planner.
  • Search and register courses to create your schedule.
  • Submit your graduation application to prepare for commencement.

Academic counselors can also help you plan your schedule and graduation requirements, especially if you need to make up a class or term. Take the initiative in seeking out-of-class help, such as tutoring.  

Commencement is a ceremony held once per year in May where students, families, friends and the JWU community celebrate academic accomplishments. Keep the following in mind:

  • Graduation and commencement are two separate things, so do not select spring as your graduation date just because you plan to attend commencement.
  • You can attend commencement if you earned your degree in the previous fall or winter terms or are enrolled in the spring term (and your graduation date is the immediate spring, summer or fall term).
  • If you meet the above criteria, you are automatically included in the commencement program and will receive email notices. If you do not wish to attend, no notice is required.

Learn more about cap and gowns, guests, dates, location and other commencement information.

Generally, diplomas are mailed 6-8 business weeks after a term has ended, provided all graduation requirements have been met and you have no financial obligations or unreturned library materials with the university. Once your diploma is issued, any name or address changes require completion of a duplicate diploma request.

Graduation Application
Your graduation application informs the university when you plan to complete your degree, where you want your diploma mailed and how you want your name printed. Submit the application two terms before your degree completion term, and no earlier. If you are pursuing more than one degree (e.g., an AS and BS), you must submit an individual application for each degree. Log in to jwuLink > Academic > Graduation Application.

Graduation Date
Your graduation date is the term in which you will finish your final degree requirements. Review your degree audit carefully and plan accordingly to determine your last term. If you are pursuing more than one degree, you have an individual graduation date for each one.

Graduation summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude, as applicable on your diploma and academic transcript, is determined by your final GPA. Cum laude: 3.40-3.60; magna cum laude: 3.61-3.80; summa cum laude: 3.81-4.00.

If the following requirements not met, your graduation will be delayed or denied:

  • Successful completion of your major requirements (review your degree audit).
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 for undergraduate degrees and 3.0 for graduate degrees.
  • Submission of a graduation application.

Graduation Rate
The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) lists the overall graduation rate at Title IV institutions in the United States (those that began their program in 2000) at 56.4%. The 2006 JWU overall graduation rates for full-time, first time undergraduates who began their program in 2000 (Providence = 53%; North Miami = 49%; Denver = 57%; Charlotte = N/A, campus founded in 2004) are in line with that national rate, as are the 2007 JWU overall graduation rates for full-time, first time undergraduates who began their program in 2001 (Providence = 55%; North Miami = 50%; Denver = 52%; Charlotte = N/A, campus founded in 2004). Current enrollment across all four campuses: 16,095 (Providence: 10,105; North Miami: 1,955; Denver: 1,466; Charlotte: 2,569). Information or data inquiries regarding other items or statistics (including disaggregated data) may be sent to Institutional Research.