The Student Code of Conduct

During the next few years, your student will grow personally, academically and professionally.

He or she will make some very difficult decisions, some of which may have severe consequences. We also understand that mistakes will be made and that not every action is intentional.

Student Conduct provides fair, firm and consistent adjudication of students who have violated the university's code of conduct.

Student Conduct policies are an extension of the university’s educational mission. By holding students accountable for their actions and imposing consequences, their educational and personal growth is enhanced.

We encourage you and your student to review our code of conduct, outlined in the Denver Campus Student Handbook.

As a parent, it’s important that you understand the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which defines and protects your student’s rights once he or she is registered for classes. FERPA limits the information with respect to your student's educational record that we can share with you.