Facebook Mafia Member Became Entrepreneur at JWU

Entrepreneur Bryan Veloso ‘05 was an original Facebook employee and runs two companies. He's busy, he says, but he'll continue starting new businesses.

img FCM BUS Bryan Veloso 170x150Bryan got his degree in Entrepreneurship at Johnson & Wales University’s College of Business, then learned something about himself.

“I got the degree first, and then learned through working that my personality matched the degree,” he says. “Entrepreneurship is who I am.”

Start at Facebook
Bryan worked for Facebook for one year, as interaction designer and then as creative director. “When I reminisce about Facebook, I tell people … I loved the start-up experience,” he says.

“I came in fairly early. I believe I was employee number 27 — what they used to call the original Facebook mafia.”

“I’m sensitive to the corporate environment,” Bryan confesses. He left in 2006, when the company grew to more than 150 people. He’d worked closely with founder Mark Zuckerberg; then he began having to go through others to speak to him. 

From JWU Student to CEO 
Now living in Los Angeles, Bryan charts his own creative and entrepreneurial course. As CEO at Revyver Inc., he and his fiancée, Jen, do everything from Web design to corporate training workshops and networking events. Bryan began his longest-running project, his blog Avalonstar, in 2000.

Bryan also founded Sidebar Creative with three friends. Together, they create higher-level products than they can through their individual businesses, including Web applications, content management, tutorials.

“Revyver and Sidebar Creative are ever-evolving,” Bryan says. “It all revolves around a desire to seek happiness … through my designs, and making sure people have good experiences.”

“Did I think I would start this many businesses? No. I think it just goes with my personality,” Bryan explains. “I will always be a startup person,” he adds. “It aligns perfectly with entrepreneurship."