Counseling Psychology Major

Get the training to counsel people with mental health, addiction, substance abuse, education, career and personal issues in JWU's 4-year Counseling Psychology Bachelor of Science (BS) degree program.

Build a strong psychology and sociology foundation, studying human thoughts, emotions and motivations for certain behaviors.

Then, apply a counseling psychology perspective, using critical thinking and ethical principles to treat clients.

Clinical Work
Graduate with clinical work experience few undergrads have, to immediately enter the counseling field or move on to specific graduate school programs.

You won’t just study theory: Your internship includes supervised clinical experience, and you’ll shadow a licensed counseling practitioner. JWU students have interned at:

  • RI Department Of Corrections
  • The Providence Center
  • EBC House

Hone your counseling skills serving children, the elderly, the homeless and other recipient populations in our integrated community service program.

Addictions, Mental Health & Vocational Tracks
Choose from 3 tracks:

  • Addictions: Work with people suffering from addiction, substance abuse and addictive disorders.
  • Mental Health: Help clients address personal disorders that impair their ability to function or alter their thought processes and behaviors. 
  • Vocational: Work with students, disabled clients or adults to make choices about education, career development and job training.

Growing Career Field
Counseling job opportunities are expected to grow over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Develop skills to work with and counsel patients/clients at: 

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Therapeutic communities
  • Rehab facilities
  • Social service agencies
  • Schools
  • Children's group homes
  • Facilities for the elderly or disabled
  • Halfway houses for criminal offenders
  • Correctional institutions

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