JP Morgan Vice President Launched Career with JWU Internship

Today, James Welsch works at one of the world's leading financial services firms. But even as far back as his days at Johnson & Wales, James always knew he wanted to work in finance.

JWU alum James Welsch '94He gained invaluable finance knowledge and experience while he was still a student. He worked for Barclay Investments, a regional brokerage firm specializing in investment banking and personal finance.

Career at JP Morgan
The experience gave James the financial skills to get a job at JP Morgan a year after he graduated.

He worked as a domestic stock trader at the firm’s former discount brokerage firm, Brown & Company. Then he became the manager of the company's Elite Service Group, which provides services for the most active clients.

James obtained his Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. Growing within JP Morgan, he began working for the Retirement Plan Services division, whose core business is 401k record keeping for more than one million participants.  

Now, he manages a group of retirement consultants who assist participants with retirement planning.