Majors & Degrees A-Z

What will you major in at Johnson & Wales University? Explore our undergraduate and graduate degree programs to find out.

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Majors & Degrees by School

Majors & Degrees Campus
Accounting PVD      
Advertising & Marketing Communications PVD      
Baking & Pastry Arts (AS) PVD NMI DEN CLT
Baking & Pastry Arts (BS) PVD      
Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management (2) PVD NMI DEN CLT OL
Business Administration PVD NMI DEN CLT
Creative Advertising PVD      
Computer Programming (AS) PVD      
Computer Technology Services (CE only) PVD      
Computerized Drafting (AS) PVD      
Counseling Psychology (1) PVD   DEN  
Criminal Justice PVD NMI DEN  
Criminal Justice Management, Master of Science PVD      
Culinary Arts PVD NMI DEN CLT
Culinary Arts and Food Service Management (2) PVD NMI DEN CLT OL
Culinary Nutrition PVD   DEN    
Educational Leadership, Doctorate (EdD) PVD      
Electronics Engineering PVD      
Engineering Design & Configuration Management PVD      
Entrepreneurship PVD      
Equine Business Management PVD      
Equine Business Management /Riding PVD      
Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing PVD NMI DEN CLT
Finance PVD      
Food Service Entrepreneurship PVD      
Graphic Design & Digital Media PVD      
Hotel & Lodging Management PVD NMI DEN CLT  
Information Science (CE only) PVD      
International Business PVD      
International Hotel and Tourism Management PVD        
Liberal Studies PVD   DEN  
Management PVD NMI   CLT
Management (accelerated) for AS Degree Holders PVD NMI   CLT
Management Accounting       CLT
Marketing PVD NMI   CLT
Media & Communication Studies PVD NMI DEN    
Network Engineering PVD      
Physician Assistant Studies, Master of Science (MSPAS) PVD      
Restaurant, Food & Beverage Management PVD NMI DEN CLT  
Risk Management PVD      
Robotic Engineering Technology AS Degree PVD      
Software Engineering PVD      
Sports/Entertainment/Event Management PVD NMI DEN CLT  
Teaching, Master of Arts (MAT)
in Teaching Education leading to licensure in:
Business Education & Secondary Special Ed
Food Service Education & Secondary Special Ed
Elementary Education & Elementary Special Ed
Non-certification options also available
Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Management PVD NMI      
Undeclared PVD      

Continuing Education program availability varies by campus.

Programs offered at our campuses are designated as:
PVD=Providence, NMI=North Miami, DEN=Denver, CLT=Charlotte, OL=Online

1 = Students must meet specific academic standards for enrollment in this bachelor’s degree program
2 = Joint degree w/The Hospitality College