Get Career Advice from Blue Cross, GTECH, Top Employers

Reps from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, GTECH and more than a dozen top employers visiting JWU had good news: Job prospects look good for a new generation of technology students.

At JWU's annual Technology Career Forum, our students also met one-on-one with reps from Citizens Bank, Atrion Networking Corp, MEDITECH and FM Global. What did they learn?

Stand Out with Work Experience
“One of my favorite things about JWU is how connected to community industries you are,” says Jack Templin. Templin is general partner of Betaspring, a startup for young entrepreneurs, and cofounder of Providence Geeks.

"Work on something. Show us what you’ve learned,” he says. “Build your own site, your own apps. Contribute to an open source project.”

Companies Needs New Tech Blood
“We’re all very aware that you guys are the fuel to take this to the next level," Templin says. Companies in and outside the technology field need engineers, graphic designers, web developers and more.

“You guys learn a lot quicker than the old guys do," adds Kevin Gilmartin, vice president of Research & Development at Medrobotics Corporation.

Look at Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Templin points out. The industry rewards innovators who set out on their own. “The boom is not happening at big companies, it’s in teams of two or three.”

Technology Job Field is Growing
"You guys are starting on the ground floor," says Chris Young of Blue Cross. "The healthcare industry is changing by leaps and bounds, with an explosion of data.”

Young should know; he's director of Blue Cross' LeanSwat, which uses analytics to streamline processes to make better business decisions.

“What technology has done for us, particularly in these lean times, has been to do more with less,” says Nan Quinlan, TACO Inc.’s training and development manager. Companies may be cutting back, but not where technology is concerned. And that's great news for those of you interested in a career in technology.