How to Start Your Own Business

Johnson & Wales University student Chad wants to start his own business. And he’s learning how right here on campus at the Small Business Development Center.

Entreprenurship major Chad Farnsworth

Entrepreneur Seeks Internship
"I couldn’t ask for better experience," Chad says — especially since he was worried he might not find an any!

Chad always knew he wanted to be an Entrepreneurship major. But would a company hire him as an intern?

“It’s basically saying ‘Come in, I’m going to teach you everything I did, so you can go and start my competition!’” Chad says. “I was worried.”

Work Experience, Right at JWU
“Check out the Small Business Development Center,” his professor told him. And since the SBDC is right on campus, Chad went in to volunteer. He never left.

“Most likely, I’m going to be up here daily until I graduate,” Chad says.

Starting Your Own Business: Do’s & Don’ts
If someone comes to the SBDC, they’re looking for help. So they go to Chad. Working with a team of consultants, he gets to help the client improve everything from finances to marketing tactics.

“I get to learn about how businesses fail, without failing myself,” Chad says. “I get the insight of what I can avoid, or what I can do to be better.”

Training Fellow Entrepreneurs to Succeed
Chad's personally worked with a cyber security group, a mobile coffee barista and an educational toy startup. The best part, he says, is seeing a client grow.

“We’ve worked with some great companies in the area,” he says. “It’s building a relationship. It’s coming back and seeing the same people, what progress they’ve made.”

Sparking Ideas for New Business
Although Chad's ecstatic about starting his own specialty pet food business, he leaves the SBDC each day with new inspiration.

“There’s probably about a good 10 ideas that are in my head right now,” he says. That’s the bonus of being an Entrepreneurship major at JWU.

Ask Chad: Talking Business with a Student

Chad answers questions about starting his own company as an undergrad—and shares tricks he learned consulting small businesses here at JWU. read more