Hands-on Learning

Img Hosp Female DEN 170x150Experiential education is an integral part of JWU’s hands-on approach to learning.

Through hands-on learning and work experiences related to your field of study, you'll learn more about your chosen field, gain on-the-job experience, and build your professional network.

Whether or not it's mandatory for your major, an internship is a great way to jump-start your career well before graduation.

As an intern, you’ll apply the skills you’ve learned to real-world situations in your chosen field.

Internships are conducted at university-approved sites and must meet specific educational guidelines based on program requirements.

You can participate in a structured program offered by host organizations, or you can work with an employer to design and develop a program tailored to your needs. During your last term, you have the option of applying for and accepting a professional position at your host company.

Recent internship sites have included: the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte City Club, and Compass Group.

Directed Work Experience
Focusing on a specific industry-based project, directed work experiences provide an opportunity to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge in a supervised, non-paid industry setting.

For more information, contact Bissell Experiential Education & Career Services.

Going One-on-One with Industry Insiders

It was an opportunity they could not get in the classroom. Sports/Entertainment/ Event Management students discussed opportunities with reps from three Charlotte professional sports franchises. read more