Housing Waitlist: Common Questions

What is the housing waitlist? The  form serves two purposes:

  1. You’re looking for a room on campus.
  2. You’d like to move to a different residence hall than the one to which you’ve already been accepted. While we will make every attempt to accommodate your request, students who need rooms remain our priority.

When is it appropriate to submit this form? Only after you’ve gone through the online housing selection process. Waitlist requests submitted prior to your room selection time slot cannot be accepted and will be discarded.

What is the online room selection process? The online room selection process is part of the online housing application that JWU students use to secure on-campus housing. Once you’ve submitted your reservation fee, you can expect to receive an email within approximately five business days.

How can I check my status is on the preference list? Check your JWU email account for placement updates.

If I am offered a space what do I need to do? Once you are offered a space on campus, please respond within 24 hours. Once assigned, you will need to complete the Room Terms Agreement through jwuLink within 24 hours.

NOTE: Before submitting the agreement, you should be absolutely certain that you want to live on campus. Once you have agreed to the room terms agreement this is a binding contract for the entire academic year and it cannot be cannot be cancelled unless you withdraw from the university.