6 Tips for Marketing Your Business

How do you overcome the challenges of marketing your company (especially if it’s new)? Get some tips from your JWU professors, Pete says. Here are the top 6 pointers Pete used to market his thriving herb company, Rosemary Pete's.

1. Use Your JWU Network
“My suggestion would be to network—a lot,” Pete says. “I talked with a lot of people. A lot of chefs at JWU, a lot of chefs all over, restaurant owners and farmers. I got a feel for how to generally run a business.”

Entrepreneur Pete Vinci looks out over the garden where he grows his herbs

2. Stand Out
Make sure your materials stand out, Pete’s professors told him. So his business cards are unlike any other, images of his ripe tomatoes and leafy greens spilling off the page.

“Each card is different. I figure people are more likely to pick up the cards if they have different pictures.”

3. Listen to Your Customers
Businesses don’t listen closely enough to what their customers actually want, Pete says. “People requested different herbs, and I planted what they wanted. So it sold.”

4. Get Ready to Experiment
“We had a problem with deer eating the vegetables,” Pete says. He tried repellent. It didn’t work. He tried roping off the garden. They kept coming. Finally, Pete asked a farmer, and discovered the secret: dryer sheets.

“It stops the deer from coming! You have to replace them every time it rains. But once they’re up, it smells like you’re in a dryer!”

5. Be Your Own Boss
“This is a beautiful job,” Pete says. “I’m my own boss. It’s freedom – lots and lost of freedom. It’s up to you to take your freedom and manage yourself. You don’t have a boss that, if you don’t sell your products, it’s on him. Or her.”

6. Support Your Local Businesses
“I am a local Charlotte business,” Pete points out. “So if I support local Charlotte businesses, most of the time they'll support me. And advertise for me.”

For example, Pete supplies a bakery owner with dried herbs. In return, the owner provides free advertising for Rosemary Pete’s in his store, and on major websites where he sells his goods, including Etsy.

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