FEI Jumping Course Designer Discovered Career at JWU

Hector is the youngest licensed Fédération Equestre Internationale show jumping course designer in the world. And before he came to Johnson & Wales University, he didn’t even know it was a career option!

Hector Loyola ’93 travels the globe as a Show jumping course designer

Hector Loyola ’93
Show jumping course designer
Fédération Equestre Internationale

Hector grew up with horses in Puerto Rico. But he never knew about English riding or the sport of show jumping.

Then he enrolled in JWU’s Equine Studies program.

Now, Hector spends more than half the year traveling the globe, from America Canada and South and Central America and the Caribbean, setting jumps and jumping difficulty in every class of competition.

Which JWU faculty member most influenced you?
One above all: Beth Beukema, Center for Equine Studies director. I owe her all my success, and my career.

How do you balance your equine career with life?
I once said as a boy that I’d love to work at the circus. It came true, with the show jumping circuit.

In traveling 25 weeks of the year, I work and life follows me, but it balances itself out.

The equine industry — where is it heading?
Show jumping will always be show jumping. What will change is the quality of the shows and the safety of our horses. And horse breeding will be more competitive.