Ask a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Vice President

$5 million — that’s the minimum loan request Johnson & Wales University alum Luminita will underwrite for commercial and industrial enterprises, health care, food service, golf and real estate in West Palm Beach.

JWU Alum Luminita MititeluIt's a high pressure job. As vice president and senior commercial products underwriter, Luminata has to evaluate business's financial condition, and its capacity to raise and repay financing.

Then, she establishes loan structure and credit conditions, and mitigates risks.

How did she build the skills to succeed in the banking industry? With an MBA from our graduate school.

Advice to students?
Don’t let a tough economic environment discourage you from seeking career opportunities. Stay focused, and learn from every experience. It will help you build your foundation and progress into your career.

Favorite JWU internship?
I worked in the Business Learning Center in Providence. First as a tutor, then as a graduate assistant.

Best thing about a JWU education?
I was impressed with the diversity of the student body what each individual brought to the table, and their desire to constantly better themselves.

Most important career skill?
I believe that if we are to be successful in this century, we must embrace change. And be able to adapt to it on short notice.