Suicide Prevention Training for Faculty, Staff and Students

Sponsored by Student Affairs, the CARE Team and Counseling Services

Counseling Services offers a suicide prevention training program called “Question, Persuade and Refer” (QPR). The goal is to help teach faculty, staff and student groups effective, timely intervention strategies to assist a student in distress.

QPR: The CPR for Mental Health Emergencies
With QPR, you learn how to ask the right questions in order to critically assist a student in distress. These 3 simple steps can help save a life.

The QPR curriculum helps to educate the campus community on:

  • Early recognition of suicidal warning signs
  • Early intervention strategies on how to: Question, Persuade and Refer a student in distress to help in a timely manner
  • Identification of the helpful resources on campus and in the community to expedite care and effective response

What are JWU participants saying about QPR training?
•    More than 95% of attendees stated that they would recommend QPR training to others.
•    “Before this training, I had a lot of anxiety about suicide and how to ask, now I feel more comfortable addressing it.”
•    “Helped me understand how to reach out and ask someone if they are considering suicide and how I can always refer to the counseling center.”
•     “I felt the combination of mediums – video, ppt and discussion really helped get the message across.”
•    “Thank you – I think this is a very important tool!”

How to Request Training
Training is available for the entire JWU community. Interested groups can complete the QPR training request form (50K doc) and email it to Counseling Services.

When sending your request, please provide at least 3 weeks' advance notice.

Each interactive 2-hour training session includes the QPR core curriculum, video, roleplay and discussion. QPR Booklets will be provided to each participant.

If you have any questions, contact Counseling Services’ QPR coordinator, Jean Russell LICSW, at 401-598-1016.

National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Best Practice Standards
QPR is a nationally recognized and empirically-based suicide prevention program that colleges and universities across the country have embraced.

Counseling Services and core Student Affairs leaders, faculty and staff have been trained as Gatekeepers in QPR Suicide Prevention.

Our goal is to enhance a campus culture of wellness and belonging to maximize student success.

JWU QPR Certified Trainers
Joe Barresi, PhD, Associate Dean, Counseling, Health and Wellness
Debbie Becker, Assistant Director of Residential Education 
Kristen J. Buglione, MPH , Director of Health Education
Michaela DeCataldo, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
Corporal Scott Emby, Safety and Security
Scott Lyons, Director, Student Activities 
Rachel Millen, MS, ATC, CSCS, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Maureen Minarik, PhD, Clinical Staff Psychologist, Counseling Services
Jean Russell, LICSW, QPR Training Coordinator, Counseling Services  
Jillian Withington, MS, ATC, CSCS, Assistant Athletic Trainer 
Chris Zacharda, EdD, Associate Dean, Student Life