Catering Elton John's Oscar Party

Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Easton Cyrus '10 Bond at Elton John's Oscar Party in LA How did Johnson & Wales Univeristy alum Easton Cyrus '10 find herself in LA, helping cater Elton John’s legendary Academy Awards bash?

It’s All About Networking
When Sean Feltz '09 called Easton out of the blue and asked if she’d like to help cater the hottest ticket in Hollywood, she jumped at the chance.

“The fact that this party was such a big deal did not hit me until we showed up at the tents and started preparing and organizing for service!”

Hollywood’s Glitziest Party
It’s hard to imagine a party packed with more star-wattage. The Kardashians were on the guest list, along with Hollywood A-listers like Claire Danes, Jamie Foxx and Cee-Lo Green.

“A couple of hours before the event, all of us took a walk through the dining room. Someone joked about who was going to sit next to Kim Kardashian!” Easton laughs. “That’s when I realized just how knee deep I was in an amazing opportunity.”

Working in the kitchen Credit: Sundance ChannelPressure and Prestige
Working with a complex menu designed by former Top Chef Masters contestant Ludo Lefebvre, the chefs definitely felt the pressure for each plate to be flawless.

“Once you get past the glamour of it, consistency is the biggest issue with a menu like this,” says Easton.

Despite some initial hiccups, the crew pulled together an amazing dinner. “We made it through using team work and ‘on our toes’ thinking when things got tight.”

And the best part of all? They were done in time to catch Elton’s “amazing” version of “Tiny Dancer.”

In the Kitchen with Chef Ludo
Easton found herself working closely with Chef Ludo throughout the event, and the two discovered they really clicked in the kitchen. “It took a while to get used to his heavy French accent,” she laughs. “But in the end, we worked really well together.”

Before she left LA, Ludo mentioned that his TV show “Ludo Bites America” would be coming to Denver. Read all about Easton’s TV debut.

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