Registering for an Internship

You'll have the best internship experience if you start working with us in advance. Contact EE&CS today to get started.

Get Started
Learn about the resources and tools we offer to get you started on your internship.

First, go to the Grad Planning System on jwuLink under Registration & Grades. Determine if you have a required internship, or if you have enough electives for an optional internship.

Then, attend an Internship 101 Workshop to learn program eligibility, timeline, site selection and more.

Registration Steps 
Once you know whether you have a required internship (or that you want to use electives to participate in an optional internship), choose the steps that apply to you:

Sophomore Required Internship (121K PDF)
Junior/Senior Required Internship (115K PDF)
Junior/Senior Optional Internship (100K PDF)

EE&CS Resources
Our career experts are here to assist you in building your resume and researching internship opportunities.

Student Guide to Internships (848K PDF)
Denver Student Guide to Internships (1.2MB PDF)