My Bank of America Career Began at JWU

Portfolio manager Brian Atwood can give you plenty of reasons to study business at Johnson & Wales University. But for this alum, it all boils down to one thing: "My experiences at JWU enabled me to succeed at my current job."

"My experience at JWU took the education from the book, and applied it to a real life situation. That really was just fantastic."

1. Best Thing About JWU? My Professors
To me, the best things about JWU was probably the mentorship, guidance and leadership that I gained from the insight of the faculty and professors.

2. Internships Lead to Perfect-Fit Career
I did an internship at Taco, and worked on a project to submit for an award with the government. That launched my interest in quality and productivity, and allowed me to land a job with Bank of America, which is also very focused on that.

3. International Work Experience
I worked at Textron in London as part of a JWU study abroad program. I also got to travel to Dublin over a few weeks, and do Six Sigma work with that company.

4. Career Services to Make You Stand Out
JWU helped me package myself to an employer. And once I got on the job, how to articulate what I was trying to do in a clear fashion that really made me stand out among my peers.

5. Prep for the Career you Want 
I would recommend JWU's College of Business. It sets a great platform for being able to succeed, and live the lifestyle that I want to live (and that most students, once they get out of college, want to live).

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