Student ID

New students are issued a JWU identification (ID) card at the beginning of the academic year. Cards are issued in the Student Center Office, located on the second floor of the Student Center; Student Affairs will also replace lost or damaged IDs for $15.

Your JWU student ID card enables you to attend university-sponsored events, gain access to residence halls, library and computer facilities; request transcripts and degree audits; and dine at campus facilities. Your library barcode is preprinted on your student ID. 

Your ID card is also required for admittance to the university's athletic facilities; at the bookstores in order to obtain uniforms and sell back textbooks; and to use a credit card on campus. You may also be asked to present your ID when purchasing tickets or upon entrance to events and other activities.

A university ID card is solely for the use of the person to whom the card is issued. Using someone else’s ID card or allowing someone else to use your card is strictly prohibited and will result in disciplinary action. Do not let anyone else use your ID card.