JWU Alumni Star in TV’s Hottest Culinary Shows

The next time you turn on “Top Chef” or the Food Network, don’t be surprised if you spot a JWU alum — many of whom are achieving considerable success on television.

Chris CosentinoJWU Alums Wow on “Top Chef Masters”
Chris Cosentino '94 (left) beat out New York City chef Kerry Heffernan to take the top prize, while Lorena Garcia '00 made it to the final 3.

Center Stage on Culinary Reality Shows
The most recent season of “Top Chef” featured two hopeful alums, Stephanie Cmar (formerly of Barbara Lynch’s No. 9 Park), and Travis Masar.

Other notable culinary competition winners include “Hell’s Kitchen” winners Paul Niedermann '07 and Rahman “Rock” Harper '96, and Kevin Sbraga '03, who won “Top Chef” Season 7 with what co-host Tom Colicchio called “the best food we’ve had in any finale — ever.”

Sharing their Expertise on the Small Screen
Emeril Lagasse '78, '90 Hon. and Tyler Florence '94, '04 Hon. aren’t the only alums who have brokered their culinary talents into long-running television careers.

Michelle Bernstein '94, '03 Hon. made her name by successfully battling Bobby Flay on “Iron Chef America.” She is a frequent guest judge on “Top Chef” and hosts the long-running PBS series “Check Please!”

Scott Leibfried Making Fresh Pasta Internationally, Zamzani Wahab '97 is a household name on Malaysian TV, where he’s regularly featured as “The Singing Chef.”

Serving as Creators, Producers and Stars
An ever-growing array of alums create, produce and star in food-themed series.

Best known as Gordon Ramsay’s sous chef on “Hell’s Kitchen,” Scott Leibfried '93 (right) also serves as a production consultant on Ramsay’s show “Kitchen Nightmares.”