Aéropostale Recruiter’s 3 Career Tips

JWU alum Jose knew exactly what he wanted: combine his passion for fashion with his talent for human resource management. Now, at Aéropostale’s NYC headquarters, he has the best of both worlds.

How did he rise from an HR analyst to a talent coordinator to his leadership role in recruitment, helping people find their careers, recruiting the best management candidates for Aéropostale’s 1,000 stores — and how can you?

Here are Jose's three tips:

JWU grad Jose Mercado ' 04 at Aéropostale's headquarters3 Tips: Your Fashion Retail Career
By Jose Mercado '04
Field recruitment manager
Aéropostale, NYC

Go to JWU’s Career Fairs You’d be surprised what you can learn from the recruiters, the information they can share with you at JWU's Providence, North Miami, Denver and Charlotte campus career fairs.

Start in Retail The great thing about retail is that you learn the customer service piece that’s so critical to any field, whether it’s culinary, or hospitality, or marketing.

Use JWU's Job Listing We’re always hiring, so we use online job boards, LinkedIn, career fairs, as well as JWU’s exclusive job listing for students. We’re continuing to grow, and always looking to identify potential leaders for our organization.

Make your Career HappenExplore our Management, Fashion Merchandising & Retail Marketing and business majors.