At Rolling Stone's Home, All-Access Internship

JWU student Josh Lowe loves concert photography. But he never thought of it as a possible career until he interned at publisher Wenner Media, home of Rolling Stone, Men’s Journal and US Weekly.

Media intern Joshua Lowe gets that perfect shot

Josh Lowe
From Cresskill, NJ
Sports/Entertainment/Event Management major

Wenner Media Intern NYC
Celebrities he met:
Cee-Lo Green
Jeff Bridges
Breaking Bad’s Brian Cranston

Hobby>Career Connection
Josh had been working on his photography portfolio for 4 years when he decided to reach out to Wenner. He made a connection with Wenner’s operations director, who encouraged him to put together a print portfolio.

Multiple phone interviews later, Josh found himself in Rolling Stone’s NYC offices showing his work to deputy photo editor Deborah Dragon. “They said, ‘You’ve got great work. How’d you like an internship?' My jaw dropped.”

Tricks of the Trade
At Wenner, Josh split his time between assisting Michael Pirrocco, the in-house photographer responsible for shooting celebs for all three Wenner publications, and perfecting his retouching skills as part of John’s production team.

“With Michael, I improved my studio skills — lighting, styling, all those little studio tricks. I learned to bring out the best in every image — including my own.”

Josh met tons of stars, including Cee-Lo Green, Jeff Bridges and Breaking Bad’s Brian Cranston. “He was so down to earth. I didn’t even have to prompt him to yell ‘Maaalcom!’ for me.”

Front row at Rolling Stone’s exclusive in-house concert series with artists like Madeline Peyroux, Jeff Bridges and Cee-Lo Green.But that was nothing compared with being able to sit down with Rolling Stone’s founder and publisher, Jann Wenner. “I told him, ‘I want to work for you.’ He said, ‘Great. Impress me.’ I work toward that goal every day.”

Heading West
Now Josh is at JWU’s Denver Campus, finishing up his final event production classes and freelancing for stock photography company Retna Ltd. He’s still in touch with people at Wenner.

“Photography has been a great accessory to my major. Before you get that perfect shot, you have to network with managers, tell them what you do, and secure that all-access pass. It's one way to get far in this industry.”

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Josh loved interning at the publishing giant behind US Weekly and Rolling Stone. “Concert photography is my passion: Here I was, learning from the best in the business!” read more