5 Tips: Maximize Your Media Internship

Josh gets ready to shoot a concert.Josh Lowe loved every minute he interned at Wenner Media, the publishing giant behind US Weekly and Rolling Stone. “Concert photography is my passion, and here I was, learning from the best pros in the business.”

His advice for making the most of your internship:

1. When Opportunity Knocks, Be Ready

You should always take chances that come your way, whether it’s the local paper or a big publisher like Wenner. And always be ready to learn.

2. Broaden Your Skills
Half the time I worked with US Weekly’s in-house studio photographer, learning about setup, studio lighting and portrait photography. The other half I worked with the in-house retouching team.  

Josh’s concert portfolio includes groups like Paramore, Alice Cooper and Guns n’Roses.I loved both sides. Because stage lighting can be so unpredictable, it’s a challenge to get nice clean concert shots. Now that I’ve learned how to clean up these images in PhotoShop, I have a lot more control over the images I shoot. I learned all the tricks!

3. Absorb Advice from Pros
Michael Pirocco, my supervisor, set up interviews with key editors from all 3 Wenner magazines, so I could better understand their criteria for choosing photos, as well as how celebrity cover shoots are conceived and executed.

4. Find Mentors
Michael was a great mentor. I’d never worked with studio lighting before; he told me what I was doing right and what I could be doing better.

5. A Corporate Office Isn’t a Classroom
Working at Wenner really gave me insight about how to act in a work environment. The day Amy Winehouse died was total chaos — so if I needed help with something, I couldn’t just interrupt. I had to rely on the relationships I’d developed.

Now I can say I’ve been able connect with people from all departments. And I’m still in touch with them!
At Rolling Stone's Home, All-Access Internship

Shooting celebrities for US Weekly, front row seats at concerts — internships don’t get more rock n’ roll than this. Just ask Josh. read more