My Faculty Fave: Prof. Morris

Why is David Morris Annie's favorite professor at JWU? Because he gave her the best advice she's ever received. "I took what hes told me the first day of freshman year word for word: Your career doesn’t start in 4 years. It starts today.”

SEE student Annie Chennon '12  takes her hospitality professor's advice to heartMy JWU Faculty Fave
By Annie Chenon
From Goteborg, Sweden

Sports/Entertainment/Event Management

Prof. Morris leaves his house around 5:30am. I know this because EVERY class I took with him was at 7:10am — without a single dull moment!

Beyond Textbooks He has a very thorough way of including both his own experiences in the field and his students.

He makes the class something else than just words from a textbook. For almost every chapter, he found a way of connecting it to our future careers.

4 Career Tips In S/E/E, there are some things that can either crush you or benefit you. I learned this from Prof. Morris. These important traits are with me every day, making me strive harder to accomplish my dreams:

Internships & Involvement I already went to two great internship interviews in New York City, one for the famous Union Square Hospitality Group. And I have established references through professors and supervisors that can really help benefit my career.

I'm the Student Activities Clubs & Organizations assistant. I get to be involved in all that happens on campus, network and develop necessary skills in my career.

My Career Starts Here If you are a future JWU student, your career does not start upon graduation. I know this because I am a living proof of it. Take my word and start today, not tomorrow, because it will benefit you!

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