New MBA Concentration in Information Technology Begins This Fall

Looking to advance your Information Technology career? This fall, Johnson & Wales University offers a new MBA concentration in IT to help you qualify for upper management opportunities.

As an IT professional in today’s job market, you must be both competent in your field and a "can-do" leader, says Dr. Gary Gray, director of JWU's MBA program.

“The MBA in Information Technology is designed for the experienced IT professional seeking the management skills to excel to the next level.”

This specialized program gives you the unique opportunity to learn to think strategically in a complex, cost-competitive, knowledge-based IT environment, and enhance your technical skills with strong management skill sets.

"For many competent IT practitioners, they’ve had successful careers, but lack the skill set required to move into management,” Dr. Gray says. “Our program is for them."

Make the transition to managing people and business operations with our new MBA concentration in IT.