My Favorite Lab: Food Service Operations

Ehron’s favorite restauarant is constantly “hustling and bustling." Waiters glide past each other, chefs prepare huge meals in the chaos of the kitchen and at least one house manager helps the whole thing run smoothly.

The thing is, they’re all JWU students— and they’re right here on campus, in our Hospitality Food Service Operations lab.

"This is really what sold JWU for me," Ehron says. "Knowing that, at the end of my career as a college student, I would have the opportunity of actually running an establishment, and learning how running an establishment works."

"The first time I actually had to present my project in this lab, I was a front of the house manager. It’s all worth it, all the pressure, and all the time it took to do the research for your establishment."

"Actually seeing it— it’s quite amazing to know that you actually put together an establishment within 4-5 weeks, and then actually put it to test on campus. It’s pretty amazing to say that I have done that already."

Learn how to manage both the front of the house and back of the house in our authentic dining room and kitchen environment, and build the strategic experience to manage dining establishments from restaurants to banquet venues and more at our Hospitality College.