Investing in Student Engagement

Johnson & Wales University will provide new learning opportunities and enhanced experiences for its students.

To forge exceptional academic programs and experiences, the university will

  • Further strengthen academic programs through an enhanced system of performance metrics
  • Redesign and implement its arts and sciences core curriculum
  • Introduce new professional graduate programming
  • Enrich and expand opportunities for global learning

To cultivate programmatic and curricular innovation, the university will

  • Promote an interdisciplinary approach among its academic programs
  • Strengthen inter-institutional relationships to enhance its academic life
  • Establish a Center for Culinary Innovation

To deepen engagement, the university will

  • Strengthen tradition, community spirit and affinity
  • Enhance opportunities for local, national and international citizenship
  • Provide commuter, international, non-traditional and graduate students with services commensurate with those for traditional undergraduate students
  • Support competitive intercollegiate athletic and intramural sports through the expansion of programs, scholarships, facilities and staffing
  • Enhance its holistic approach to wellness through program development, service delivery and outreach