Services & Resources

Living off campus doesn’t just mean paying rent. You’ll need to set up electric, heat, cable and internet service — and that’s just for starters. Here you will find information about local utility companies, trash pickup and renter’s insurance.

ProvConnex is your one stop for major RI utilities, including gas, electric, water and sewer.

Trash Pickup and Recycling
Your landlord must provide each apartment unit with one blue bin (for glass, plastic and aluminum) and one green bin (for magazines and newspapers). Your recycling bins must be put out with your trash in order for your recycling to be picked up.

Have questions about trash collection or recycling? Consult the Providence Department of Public Works or Cranston Department of Public Works.

Public Transportation
Your JWU ID is a personal pass to get around RI on RIPTA. Simply swipe your ID through the card reader.

On-Street Parking
Parking rules are posted on signs along the streets where you can park. Rules can differ from street to street so be sure to take notice.

Residents in the city of Providence with proof of residency can obtain an on-street overnight parking permit for 100.00 per year. Residents can also obtain an on-street parking guest permit for 25.00 per year. Guest permits can only be used 5 times per month. Parking permits can be obtained at the Providence Municipal Court, Providence City Hall, and the Providence Traffic Engineering Department.

Parking at JWU
Parking permits are required in order to park at any JWU lot, and you must register your vehicle with Safety & Security.

Renter’s Insurance
Do you know if you’re already insured? Your parents’/guardians’ homeowners policy might include coverage on personal property away from home. Call your insurance company to verify what would be covered in case of flood, fire, or theft, before you move into your apartment. Not covered? Check with your primary insurance carrier.