My Ad Team Story: Winning Districts 2 Years in a Row

Advertising student Christie Pietila' 12, thrilled to be heading back to Nationals

By Christie Pietila '12
Advertising & Marketing Communications major 

For our Ad Team, winning last year's National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) New England district competition — and placing third in the USA at nationals — was an experience we thought couldn’t be topped.

Especially when people say it’s hard to win two years in a row!

But that didn’t stop us at this year's district competition, where we placed first over teams from Emerson College, Quinnipiac University and Boston University!

Real Advertising Campaign for Nissan
We had to create a campaign — TV commercial, radio, Twitter, Facebook, magazine and more — that connects with US multicultural millennials, and positions Nissan as the automotive leader in innovation for what's really important to our audience.

It’s hard to imagine months of hard work (and countless hours in our Idea Lab) coming down to a 32-page plans book and 20-minute presentation.

JWU Ad Team students take a moment to celebrate their victory at disctricts

But the hard work was worth it. We went out there feeling confident in our campaign. Some might say that’s the most nerve-racking part, but for us it was waiting at the end of the day for the final announcement.

Then, when our name was announced? Cheering, hugging and tears of joy.

Insanely Proud
“It feels absolutely amazing to win two years in a row,” says Rob Erskine, our creative director and lead designer. "It completely validates all of my work here at JWU. I’m insanely proud of our team, I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends to work with.”

Of course we all wanted to win. But there are moments after the initial exhilaration fades when you actually say to yourself, “We won. We’re going to nationals!” Because you still can’t believe it. It’s a very surreal moment.

On to Nationals
We're extremely excited to be traveling to the American Advertising Federation’s national conference, ADMERICA! in Austin to compete against top schools, and network with top advertising professionals. We’re proud to be representing JWU.